Areas of Action

CEGHS is focusing initially on Afghanistan and Pakistan.  Both countries are being transformed by the spread of mobile connectivity, but are troubled by violent conflict and instability.  Initiatives that enhance human security will build a stronger basis for social and economic development, and can also be an alternative to military intervention.  Experience has shown that local communities will protect connectivity services that meet their needs.  To support appropriate initiatives, CEGHS will work with telecom providers and other partners to pursue a set of interlinked objectives. 
CEGHS will accelerate the spread of proven approaches.  Existing projects and new, pilot projects can demonstrate the use of electronic connectivity to enhance human security.  Projects that are already proven, and new ones that prove their value, can be scaled up for widespread use.  CEGHS will facilitate this process.  Scale-up and enhancement of impact will involve capacity building, financing, and marketing.  A key goal will be to demonstrate that socially-responsible services are not only good for the community and human security, they are also good for business.  Telecom providers can be key actors, facilitating economic development, enhancing human security, and making profits by selling new services. 
CEGHS will capture and disseminate lessons from experience.  Working with local partners, CEGHS will establish and sustain a systematic learning process within connectivity projects.  This process will begin with selection and design of pilot projects, will proceed with monitoring and reporting on the outcomes of projects, and will continue with operation of a cumulative database on connectivity projects and their achievements.  CEGHS will use the documentation of successful projects to increase awareness among decision makers and the public regarding achievements in this field, and to identify opportunities for further growth. 
CEGHS will leverage investments in a comprehensive program.  CEGHS will bring together a diverse array of funders in public/private partnerships that reflect broad interests and mutually beneficial investments.  To facilitate such partnerships, CEGHS will articulate a comprehensive program plan that leverages investments to accelerate economic development and create social stability.  The plan will allow for rapid growth in connectivity and the range of services it supports.  Program partners will benefit as their individual projects will be integral components of a comprehensive plan that has economies of scale and can be more easily considered by large funders. 
CEGHS will encourage creativity and dynamism.  Working closely with telecom providers and other partners, CEGHS will identify or catalyze innovative pilot projects.  These projects, in areas such as public health, agriculture, renewable energy, commerce, and entrepreneurial development, will test and demonstrate new connectivity services.  Also, CEGHS will facilitate diverse partnerships that fund, create, and market new connectivity services, applications, and devices. 
CEGHS will promote appropriate policies and standards.  Enhancement of human security requires the provision of a full spectrum of connectivity services.  Some services will be more readily profitable than others.  CEGHS will promote policies and standards that ensure the provision of needed services across all the domains of human security.  Moreover, CEGHS will identify and promote appropriate funding options, potentially including a Project Development Fund.