Solar Powered Connectivity Center





Each CCELES center would be custom configured and would include one or more of the following capabilities:

  • an Internet cafĂ© (email, web-searching, etc.)
  • a business center (video-conferencing, word processing, printing, etc.)
  • an educational center (language and literacy classes, health and hygiene classes, computer/connectivity training, vocational training, etc.)
  • a community center (meetings to discuss community needs, support groups for vulnerable populations, etc.)
  • an entrepreneurs’ support center (facilitated contacts with mentors and partners, access to market information, financial and accounting services, video archiving of oral contracts, etc.)
  • an agricultural extension center (advice about farming practices, plant and animal health, etc.)
  • a project management center (training, mentoring, and technical support for local managers, facilitation of remote monitoring and technical support, etc.)
  • a base for rural health workers (training, facilitated interactions with call centers and hospitals, etc.)

The CCELES concept was developed by the CEGHS partnership.  


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